Catch up

Having a girls sewing day. The weather is absolutely beautiful and we don’t have any quilts left to make for other people so now it’s time to pick back up some unfinished projects.

Colleen is working on her block of the month. I’m pretty sure we both started making these in 2014. While Colleen has started quilting, mine is still in pieces in a container somewhere.

I’m finally putting the binding on a charity quilt. I should be able to sew that down over the next couple of days and then it can be gifted. It will be great to have another project crossed off my list.

Better get back to it. Have a great day everyone and happy crafting.


Only 9 weeks late

I started making a baby quilt well in advance so that it would be ready in time for the birth. As you can tell from the title the baby is now over 2 months old and I have finally posted it today. Traumatic is the word I want to use for the making of this quilt. It was supposed to be the most basic design I’ve ever done. My only guideline was that it has to be rainbow. Easy right? I thought so too. I got everything cut out and then pieced together. Then i looked at it… Completely hated it. As in, I want to cut you up into tiny, unusable pieces.


I finally had it looking how I wanted it, it was time to quilt. It didnt pucker, move or bunch which is amazing for me because almost every time i’ve attempted whole cloth quilting it has done all those things. I was getting excited at this point because the end was near. That was until i looked closer at the back. Turns out my machine needs servicing and it was making cotton loops where ther weren’t supposed to be any. So do I unpick the lot or do I fudge it. Well, I hate unpicking. Fudging it is. A label and 16 hearts later and I’m finished.

So into the wash it goes with 2 colour catchers. Would you believe that the colour ran in 2 places. Not happy!! I was rescued though. Everyone should have their own Colleen. That person who you call when disaster strikes. I rushed over to her place and 5 painted butterfies later, my world was good again. The quilt has been posted and little Vivienne Rose who was born on September 5th should get it early next week.

Thanks to everyone for who read my long winded post. Have a great weekend and happy crafting!

Christmas Prep

So this year I decided that I wanted to be a little more prepared than I usually am. I have 7 nieces and nephews to get gifts for. I’ve nearly got everyone done. I’m leaving my oldest nephew until last though, because I never know if he is going to like the same thing in a months time.

I decided to try my hand at fabric painting and stencilling. So they are each getting a hand stencilled shirt each to go with their other presents. And I think I did pretty well. Tomorrow is going to be wrapping day. Hope it’s not too hot. Have to get a move on with the family gifts too. Have a heap of wooden scrabble tiles to play with. I’m going to experiment with putting photos onto wood.

Watch this space and happy crafting.

Baby quilts

It’s been a while since our last post. A lot has been happening and a lot of sewing has been done.

I just recently finished the following baby blankets for my sister in law. Two of her sisters were pregnant at the same time.

the first is a twister block quilt which I had never tried before and it turned out so much better than anticipated.

The other quilt was a bit more of a challenge and was completed with only 20 minutes to spare but it was sooo worth the stress. I was given the task of creating an Aztec themed quilt. What do you think? Did I get it right? I’m told the parents to be loved it.

Will post again soon with some more of our creation. Happy crafting everyone ❤️

Summer is on the way

All finished ready for summer. Three pairs of kids shorts. Not bad for someone who only likes to sew in a straight line lol. Fingers crossed that they fit. The yellow pair are a size one. They are so cute.image image image


After a little over 2 years of stop and start work my giant dahlia is finally finished. Many thanks to the amazing Colleen did all the fabulous quilting for me. And while I love how it has ended up looking I can’t see myself making another anytime soonimage